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Uriel, Ignacio Jr. and Yazmin


Since the beginning, everyone in the Viramontes household has been busy in the candy business, even the kids (Uriel, Ignacio Jr & Yazmin). Throughout the years they continued to offer their products in local stores and mini markets. In 2003 the family moved in to their very own candy shop. Dulces Colibri was officially open for business.

Our Founders

In the late 90's Ignacio Viramontes and his wife Martha along with her sister Silvia, noticed that although there was Mexican candy and Mexican inspired candy, there was a lack of high quality authentic Mexican candy. Having worked as Mexican candy artisans in Puebla, Mexico for 20+ years, they decided to employ their years of experience to fill in the gap. Before they could realize it, their home had been turned into a mini candy factory.

innovation backed by experience

In 2015 Ignacio and Martha officially handed the business to their 3 kids giving the green light to the beginning of a new chapter filled with innovations.  Although this resulted in an updated brand image, Dulces Colibri's core objectives remained unchanged. To provide high quality artisan Mexican candy to its customers.

As Mexican candy artisans, our mission is to let the world know that Mexico is a culturally diverse country that offers high quality artisan candy. Mexican candy is much more than piñata candy.



We strictly use the finest ingredients available and hand craft our products every step of the way. It only takes a bite to find out for yourself.


All of our products are made in the U.S. and everything in our website is made to order. Our products don't spend months on the road before they get to our customers.


Although we are constantly adding new products to our product list, our traditional line will taste the same in the future as it does today and as it has for the past 15+ years.

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